Drink Clean, Pure Water

Drink Clean, Pure Water

Learn about our water treatment systems in Melrose & Sauk Centre, MN

The water that flows through your home can contain a wide range of nutrients and minerals. Some of them can be good for your health, but others aren't. Feel confident the water you're drinking is healthy by installing water treatment systems.

Wheels Water Service based in Melrose, MN can answer all of your questions about water treatment systems, including iron backwash filters and reverse osmosis systems. Once we perform a water test, we can recommend and install a system that meets your needs.

Call our team right now so you can enjoy clean drinking water. We can also repair your system down the line, as needed.

How do water softener services help?

Unlike water treatment systems, water softener systems can help break down any hard minerals in the water throughout your entire home. This means you'll have less buildup in your appliances, bathtub and sinks.

Hard water is filled with calcium and magnesium, which can:

  • Destroy hot water appliances, like your water heater.
  • Decrease the lifespan of home appliances, like your coffee maker and ice maker.
  • Make your clothes look dingy if you don't use enough detergent to counteract the issue.
  • Dry out your skin, leaving you itchy and dry regardless of what products you use.

Make a massive impact on your entire home by installing water softener systems to eliminate hard water. Get a quote for your installation today.